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Online Lesson

Online Lesson

Online Short Game Lesson

Are you interested in an Online Short Game lesson?

Then I can help you out! The only thing you have to do, is to fill in the fields below and I will send you a detailed video with suggestions about technical changes you could do. The video will be in your hands within 48 hours. I am using a video analyzing software called Analyzr, which allows me to draw lines, fast forward and rewind the video and compare your swing with the world top players. All that done while I am doing a voice-over, so I can explain very detailed which swing-canges you can do.

I will do online lessons in following parts of the golf game:




The price for an online lesson is 34.99 $, for which you will receive a detailed video about either your bunker, chipping, og pitching shots.

Please read the instructions below before recording your swings! It is VERY important that the videos are recorded from the right angles and positions, to ensure the best possible feedback.

security code

Please be patient after pushing “submit”, the video will be uploaded to the server and it can take some time depending on the size of the videos.

Video recording instructions

If your device is capable of recording in High Speed mode, this is preferable! The better the quality, and the more frames per second you can record at, the more details I can see.

Down the Line view:

Place an alignment stick or a club on the ground, pointing directly at your target. Take your usual set up for your target, with the stick/club just below or outside your shoulder, as shown on the picture below. The camera should be placed about 5 meters away from you.

Front view:

With your alignment stick/club on the ground, place the camera in front of you, 4-5 meters away from you. The camera should be standing in a perpendicular line to the stick/club on the ground.

Video examples: