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Online Course – How to Improve Your Chipping

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Creator of World Of Short Game, Short Game Specialist and co-owner of the biggest golf-teaching business in Denmark, welcomes you to the most thorough course about chipping, ever found on Udemy. 

Driving is funny, putting is money – but Short Game is both! 

Every golf player knows that a better short game can change your golf-game completely, and will lead to lower scores immediately. 

This course covers ALL the aspects you need to know in order to see remarkable improvements in your chipping-game on the golf course. 

You will learn the bulletproof techniques of the basic shots, the different height variations, distance control, slope adjustments, shot selection processes, lie evaluation, secrets of the backspin, bounce and grinds, the geometry of the chipping motion and so much more. Everything you need to know is here. 

Do you want to know exactly “How to Improve your Chipping – From Beginner to Advanced” this is the course for you!

Course Goal: From luck to knowing exactly were the ball ends up when chipping; you will learn how to take control of the outcome of all of your chip-shots. 

Course Outline: This course consists of 13 sections, divided into 36 lectures. The course starts of by introducing you to the absolute basics of chipping – How to setup and how to swing the club back and forth, for the standard trajectory chip-shot. 

The further you make it into this course, the more advanced skills you will learn and the more tools you will get to add to your tool-box, so you are better prepared the next time you face a chip on the course.

Important key points will be pointed out throughout the whole course so you know exactly what to practice on your own. 

  • Lecture 1: Introduction: You will be introduced to the overall believes this course is based on, and we will do a quick vocabulary check so we know exactly what specific words means. 
  • Lecture 2-6: Basic technique: How to setup, and how to swing the club back and forth. Important key points will be pointed out so you know exactly what to practice on your own. 
  • Lecture 7: Distance control Part 1: You will learn how to control the carry-distance of a chip-shot. 
  • Lecture 8: Distance control Part 1: You will learn how to control the amount of roll on the ball when it lands. 
  • Lecture 9-12: Change the height: You will be guided through different options you can apply to you standard motion, that makes the ball fly higher or lower. 
  • Lecture 13-17: Slope adjust: You are very rarely placed on a totally flat surface, so you need to know how to adjust for different slopes. 
  • Lecture 18: Lie evaluation You will learn a 3-step formula about one of the most overlooked skills in the short game of golf, how to read and adjust to different lies. 
  • Lecture 19-20: Shot selection: You will learn the 3 questions you ALWAYS need to ask yourself before hitting a chip-shot, if you want to be in control of the outcome. 
  • Lecture 21-28: All applied – Examples: All the things you have learned so far will be put together in 8 different example-shots. 
  • Lecture 29-32: How to practice: It’s time to make your practice a lot more efficient! You will learn the 4 most important concepts about how to practice, and I will give you my 3 favorite drills that will make up a perfect chipping-practice session.  
  • Lecture 33-34: Bonus lecture – Understanding backspin: Everybody loves backspin, and I will reveal all the secrets of the fascinating phenomena. 
  • Lecture 35: Bonus lecture – Wedge-fitting: Bounce and grinds, what exactly is that, and how can you benefit from playing with the right wedges. 
  • Lecture 36: Bonus lecture – Swing library: You will be given 5 videos that you can use as inspiration when recording your own chipping-motion.

This Course is Based on Real Practical Experience

This course is built upon knowledge that is gained over a number of years. Both from a teachers perspective, but also from the view of a competitive players that has played tournament golf at a professional level.

Endless hours of research and testing has been done to be able to present the knowledge in the most efficient way, so you as a student can see the improvements as quickly as possible. 

More than 900 players has attended the live-classes that World Of Short Game offers, and the improvements that are made are remarkable. The information shared at these classes is all included in this course, and so much more!

What students are saying about the course:

“I just wanted to go straight to the practice area after watching the first few lectures, and try out all the new knowledge I have gained”

“The structure of the course is so clear and easy to understand”

“The first impression was: Wow! Here is finally all the information I need to know in order to improve my chipping once and for all”

“The changes that has happened to my short game since I learned the basic techniques are remarkable”

To you information, I am here to help if you have any questions. Feel free to write to me!

I hope you will enjoy the new information you will find in this course, I definitely enjoyed putting it all together!  
Nicolai Cetti Engstrøm


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