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How to Improve Your Chipping

From Beginner to Advanced

Do you want to know exactly “How to Improve your Chipping – From Beginner to Advanced” this is the course for you!

From luck to knowing exactly were the ball ends up when chipping; you will learn how to take control of the outcome of all of your chip-shots. 

Nicolai Cetti Engstrøm

Nicolai Cetti Engstrøm

Short Game Specialist

Creator of World Of Short Game, Short Game Specialist and co-owner of the biggest golf-teaching business in Denmark, welcomes you to the most thorough course about chipping, you have ever seen.

The Benefits of this Course

Every golf player knows that a better short game can change your golf-game completely, and will lead to lower scores immediately. 

This course covers ALL the aspects you need to know in order to see remarkable improvements in your chipping-game on the golf course. 

You will learn the bulletproof techniques of the basic shots, the different height variations, distance control, slope adjustments, shot selection processes, lie evaluation, secrets of the backspin, bounce and grinds, the geometry of the chipping motion and so much more. Everything you need to know is here. 

"I just wanted to go straight to the practice area after watching the first few lectures, and try out all the new knowledge I have gained"

James Barry

Beginner golfer

"All you need to know is here. If you want to see AMAZING improvements, and are willing to put in the time and effort, this is the course for your"

Peter Thomsen

PGA Teaching Professional

"The changes that has happened to my short game since I learned the basic techniques are remarkable"

Søren Larsen

Amateur golfer - Hcp 6

"The structure of the course is so clear and easy to understand"

Thomas Nielsen


"The first impression was: Wow! Here is finally all the information I need to know in order to improve my chipping once and for all"

Mark Nielsen


People has improved their chipping so far by help from World Of Short Game


  • From Beginner to Advanced player, everyone will benefit from this course.
  • Clear structure and easy to follow videos.
  • Practical exercises will be given to students.
  • Full PDF book with all notes is included for FREE
  • Drills and tips for your future practice is provided.
Better Chipping based on real experience

This Course is Based on Real Practical Experience

This course is built upon knowledge that is gained over a number of years. Both from a teachers perspective, but also from the view of a competitive player that has played tournament golf at a professional level. Endless hours of research and testing has been done to be able to present the knowledge in the most efficient way, so you as a student can see the improvements as quickly as possible. More than 900 players has attended the live-classes that World Of Short Game offers, and the improvements that are made are remarkable. The information shared at these classes is all included in this course, and so much more!

$ 149 Only
Get Full Acces to All 37 Lectures

Get Full Acces to All 37 Lectures

When buying this course you get lifetime acces to all the course materiel.
  • 1 Time Payment
  • 37 Videos Accessible
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