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Free E-Book

Free E-Book

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You are seconds away from discovering a highly effective way to practice your chipping

Here is what you get in the E-book 

Drill 1:

Dramatically improve your capability to land the ball at the right spot.

Drill 2:

Learn how to see the flight and roll of the ball, and combine it into one specific landing-spot.

Drill 3:

Challenge yourself with an effective 9-holes chipping game around the short game area. Experience a new and exciting way to practice your chipping.

What people say:

“Suddenly practicing my chipping is something I look forward to!” – Mikkel, participant at a WOSG Short Game class


“I will never ever just hit a bucket of balls from the same position over and over again,  after trying theses drills” – Soren, committed amateur player working his way towards becoming a scratch player  


“My on-course performance finally improved after I change my way of practicing!” –Gert, long time student of WOSG

Why this e-book can change your Short Game forever:

Do you often find yourself on the short game area with a bucket of balls, hitting a basic chipshot for the same hole over and over again?

This can quickly become quite boring, and science has proven that this practice method is highly ineffective in the search for better performance! Even though practice is suppose to lower your scores, its probably not happening if you do it like that.

Luckily, here is the answer:   

The solution for a dramatic increase in your practice efficiency, is drills and games that insures variation between every shot, and increases the importance of every ball that is hit. This method has proven to not only make your performe better on the course, but also to make your practice a lot more fun.

It’s time to stop wasting your time, and start practicing in a way that will streamline your short game, and lead the way to lower scores on the course.