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Download the E-Book Top 3 Chipping Drills Right here!

E-Book: Top 3 Chipping Drills

If you’re constantly chipping towards the same target, you’re not just stuck in a dull routine – you’re missing out on the key to real improvement. Research shows that repetitive practice at the same hole doesn’t effectively enhance your skills. It’s time to switch things up and embrace a more dynamic approach to mastering your chipping game. We present the 3 Best Chipping Drills:

Drill 1 - Precision Landing: Mastering Control and Accuracy

Unlock the secret to perfect chipping with our ‘Precision Landing’ drill. This detailed exercise is designed to sharpen your skills, allowing you to land the ball with laser-like precision. The Landingspot when chipping might be one of the most forgotten and overlooked factors. 

Drill 2 - Visual Mastery: The Art of Anticipation and Execution

Transform the way you see the shots around the green with our ‘Visual Mastery’ drill. You’ll learn techniques to mentally map the trajectory and roll of the ball, integrating these insights into your shot execution. We’ll guide you through the exercise that enhance your ability to read greens, understand how environmental factors like wind and slope affect the ball’s path, and how to adjust your approach accordingly. This drill empowers you to make informed, confident decisions, turning what you see into what you achieve.

Drill 3 - The 9 Hole Challenge: Elevating Practice to a New Level

The ‘9-Hole Challenge’ is more than just a drill; it’s an exhilarating experience that brings the excitement of a golf course to your practice sessions. Designed to simulate real-game scenarios, this challenge takes you on a journey through nine different chipping situations, each with its unique obstacles and goals. You’ll learn to adapt your technique to varying distances, angles, and pressures, much like you would during an actual round of golf. This drill focuses on building resilience, improving decision-making under pressure, and honing your skills in a dynamic, engaging environment. By the end of this challenge, you’ll not only have refined your chipping skills but also boosted your overall strategic approach to the short game.

Download the E-Book Top 3 Chipping Drills Right here!

Real Success Stories

"Practicing chipping is no longer a chore; it's something I eagerly anticipate!"
Participant at a WOSG Short Game class
"These drills changed my practice routine. I can't go back to mindlessly hitting balls anymore."
Long time student of WOSG
"My game on the course improved dramatically once I altered my practice approach."
Committed amateur player working his way towards becoming a scratch player

Download the E-Book Top 3 Chipping Drills Right here!

Why This E-Book is a Game-Changer for Your Short Game

Tired of the same old routine? Practicing chip shots at the same hole repeatedly is not just boring; it’s scientifically proven to be ineffective for improving your game. It’s time for a change.

Our e-book offers a revolutionary approach:

Engaging Variety

Each drill introduces unique challenges, ensuring no two shots are the same.

Impactful Practice:

By emphasizing variation and significance in every shot, your practice becomes an effective tool for improvement, not just a time-filler.

Fun and Effective

Enjoy your practice sessions while making tangible progress on the course.

Stop spinning your wheels with traditional methods. Embrace a new way of practice that's fun, efficient, and proven to lower your scores. It's time to elevate your short game and enjoy the rewards on the course.

Download the E-Book Top 3 Chipping Drills Right here!