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Short Game Stats

Short Game Stats

Short Game Stats

Proximity to Hole

Bellow you’ll see stats in either yards or meters.

On each picture you will see a distance in yards/meters, a distance in feet, and a surface (rough, sand or fairway)

The distance in feet represents the distance an average PGA Tour player will hit the ball to, from the distance in meters or yards, from the surface indicated. This gives us an idea of how good the average PGA Tour player is around the green. An exemple:

The PGA Tour Average Proximity (the average distance the ball is hit to from a certain location) from 20 yards, from a fairway lie is 6 feet. This means the average PGA Tour player in average will hit the ball to 6 feet from the hole, when he has a 20 yards fairway lie shot.

Yards - Fairway

Yards - Rough

Yards - Sand

Proximity to hole - Yards - Fairway

Meters - Fairway

Proximity to hole - meters - Fairway

Meters - Rough

Proximity to hole -meters- Fairway

Meters - Sand

Proximity to hole - meters - sand