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Lecture 1: Introduction

You will be introduced to the overall believes this course is based on, and we will do a quick vocabulary check so we know exactly what specific words means.

Lecture 2-6: Basic technique

Learn how to setup, and how to swing the club back and forth. Important key points will be pointed out so you know exactly what to practice on your...

Lecture 7-8: Distance control

You will learn how to control the carry-distance of a chip-shot and how to control the amount of roll on the ball when it lands. You will be guided through different...

Lecture 9-12: Change the height

You will be guided through different options you can apply to you standard motion, that makes the ball fly higher or lower.

Lecture 13-17: Slope adjust

You are very rarely placed on a totally flat surface, so you need to know how to adjust for different slopes.

Lecture 18: Lie evaluation

You will learn a 3-step formula about one of the most overlooked skills in the short game of golf, how to read and adjust to different lies.

Lecture 19-20: Shot selection

You will learn the 3 questions you ALWAYS need to ask yourself before hitting a chip-shot, if you want to be in control of the outcome.

Lecture 21-28: All applied – Examples

All the things you have learned so far will be put together in 8 different example-shots.