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Coaching philosophy

Coaching philosophy

Nicolai Cetti’s coaching philosophy

What do I believe in as a coach?

Do the right things, in the right amount of time, with the right mindset

So what do I mean about that?

“Do the right things”, represents 3 elements all golf practice sessions should include:

Technical practice (block practice)

This specific way of practice includes motor learning development of the movements, which the Short Game consist of. Maybe you could be working on turning your hips more in the backswing, and if that is done in a safe environment, with no stress from competition or performance, that would be a great example of a Technical practice session (block practice).

Skill development (random practice)

This way of practicing, consist of situations that looks more like those situations, that players will find themselves in on the golf course. You hit different shots all the time, with different clubs, to different targets, and you do your full pre-shot routine before every shot.

Performance practice

This is the last way of practicing, which tries to simulate on course, high performance situations. Through competition and different tasks, the players will be put into situations with a high level of mental pressure. This is a though way to practice, but studies shows that you learn up to 8 times more in high performance situations than you do in block practice situations.

Plan your time

“In the right amount of time”, represents a well considered and structured training plan, where the player is aware of how much time he spends on the 3 key elements of a practice session. Way to many people spend 85% on the block practice part, 10% on skills development and only 5% on the performance part, and that is so far from being the most efficient way of structuring your practice time.

Bring your heart and strong mentality

“With the right mindset”, I look at the player’s attitude and mental state of mind he or she is in when they practice. A well-planned and structured practice session is no good, if the player’s mental state of mind is off. I want to see the player with a Open Mindset, which in short terms represents a will to learn and challenge yourself in any situation. Read more about the Mindset here