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Sandi Suwanda

Sandi Suwanda

Sandi Suwanda


Drill: Find you landingspot

Walk around the chipping area, and choose different shots. Bring 4-5 balls. Before every new shot, you must place a tee exactly were you believe the ball should carry / land. If you hit a shot that carries just beside the tee with the intended flight, and the ball finishes to long from the hole, then adjust the tee (landingspot), until your ball ends up just beside the hole.

The drill helps your to become better at finding the correct landingspot for your short-game shots. Try do do the drill with different irons/wedges as well.


See your SAM PuttLab report here

Block Practice:

Your aiming is really good! You have a tendency to close the putter a little bit. And you are swinging your putterpath to much to the left. This means often a left miss.

You need to work on hitting the sweetspot more often, to get the same role on the ball, and start the ball on line.

Your swing through the ball is a bit to far long. That means you have to much loft on the putter when you hit the ball. Se the effective loft on the report.


Drills (starting line):
  • Gate practice.
  • Star drill (15 putts fra 3-7 fod)
  • Field goal drill
  • Rubberband on heel and toe on putter, so you can hit the sweetspot.