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35 Best Short Game Drills And Games – E-Book

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STOP WASTING YOUR TIME: Most people in this world will practice their short game as following: Bring a bucket of balls to the short game area, place them at a very nice fairway lie, hit a basic chipshot for the same hole over and over again for 15 minuts. Wola, a good short game practice session has been completed.

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but that is in most cases not the truth, you are really just wasting your time.



Science has proven that hitting the same shot over and over, from the same position, to the same target is a highly ineffective practice method in the search for better performance! Even though practice is suppose to lower your scores, it’s probably not happening if you do it like that.

Why is that?

And how can you change this?

This e-book contains a clear introduction and explanation of why the before described practice method is very ineffective, and furthermore the book will present you with 35 of the best short game drills and game to do during your practice.


  • Drill 1-15: Chipping
    • Drill 1-3: Carry-control
    • Drill 4-6: Trajectory control
    • Drill 7-9: Shot selection
    • Drill 10-11: Distance control
    • Drill 12-13: Situation awareness
  • Drill 16-20: Bunker
  • Drill 21-25: Distance wedges
  • Drill 26-35: Multiplayer games
    • Drill 26-28: Two player games
    • Drill: 29-35: Group games


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