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Better chipping with an open clubface


Better chipping with an open clubface

Better chipping with an open clubface

Do you struggle with bad contact in you chipping! This will help you a lot!

Open up the clubface in the backswing

One of the most important factors in a good chip is the way which the clubface points in the backswing. When the shaft is parallel with the ground in the backswing, we would like to see the the clubface has been allowed to “open” so that the “leading edge” is aiming up in the air (see picture 1). In this way we use the club properly, and ensures the greatest chance of the club sliding over the grass as we make contact with the ground.

Open clubface Picture 1

You are allowed to “release” the club

Additionally, an open clubface allows you to “release” the club in the downswing and follow-through. This means that you let the weight of the clubhead swing freely down towards the ball, rather than “steering” the clubhead by tightening you muscles in the underarms. It’s a good thing to “release” the club when you chip, because this helps the club to slide over the ground rather than digging into the grass.

No more “digging”

When the clubhead is closed in the backswing (see picture 2), the sharp front edge of the clubface, “leading edge”, is likely to burst into the grass, making it very difficult to hit a good chip. This can be avoided by opening the clubface in the backswing

Closed clubface

How is it checked?

Place yourself in front of a mirror or use your phone to record a video of your chip. Use picture 1 and picture 2 to compare with. The key is in the lead wrist (left wrist for a right-handed player). Study the 2 pictures closely and look at how this wrist is placed/shaped.

Nicolai Cetti Engstrøm

Nicolai Cetti Engstrøm is a PGA Teaching Professional, specialized in the Short Game of golf. He is a former pro-player, National Team player and Danish Junior Champion. He is the creator and owner of the World Of Short Game brand, and co-owner of the biggest golf-teaching company in Denmark, Danish Golf Academy.

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