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Drills and games

Better contact in the bunker with this simple drill

Better contact in the bunker with this simple drill

Try this simple yet very effective bunker-drill. All you need is 4 golfballs, and a bunker. After doing this drill a few times you should have a better felling of where the club should enter the sand, in order to give you the wanted contact.

Good luck! 🙂

Video also available in danish, click here

Chipping drill: Landingzone game

Chipping drill: Hit your landingspot

The importance of being able to hit your landingspot when chipping is HUGE! If you cannot control where you land the ball when chipping into the green, you have no chance of hitting the ball close to the hole repeatedly.

The following drill / game improves your ability to hit your landingspot. You can do it alone, compete 1-vs-1 with your partner, or compete in larger groups.

How to do it

Make 9 holes/shots around a green.  The shots/holes must be in different lengths, from different surfaces with different lies. The landing zones may also vary according to the length of the hole. (see picture below)
Landingzone drill

You can use clubs, lines, tees, flagsticks etc. to create the landingszone.

The chipping drill

If you play against a partner, hit 1 shot each, on each hole. Landing the ball within the zone (in carry, the ball doesn’t have stay in the zone, just hit the ground for the first time within the zone) you get 1 point. The player with the most points when the game is over is the winner. You can either just play 1 or 2 rounds (9 or 18 holes) or you can play as following:

In round 1 you must use whatever club you want on each shot.

In round 2 you must bring along 3 different clubs (ex. 50, 55 and 60 degrees wedge). Before each hole you have to roll a dice. If you hit 1 or 2 with the dice, use the lowest lofted club (50 degrees). If you hit a 3 or 4, you must use the club with the middle amount of degrees (55 degrees). If you hit a 5 or 6 with the dice, use the club with the most degrees (60 degrees).

In round 3 you must choose one club, only one, that you use for all the holes.

The player who has scored the most points (hit most zones) in all three rounds has won.

Enjoy your practice, and let the best man win! 😉